The World I see (මා දකින ලෝකය)

The World I see (මා දකින ලෝකය)

ABOUT Indrajith Prabaswara

Indrajith Prabaswara
 Grade one student of Sooriyapradeepa Primary college, Sri Lanka.



This book is written by a six years old Sri Lankan student, Master Indrajith Prabaswara.

The poetry flows through eleven topics which has begun with the topic “Morning”. Author’s subjects range from memories of pre-school life and school life experiences. It seems, whole poetry is running through author’s eye. He has seen certain subjects in a different angle and those are reflected as it is in his poems. So, that’s interesting to read, than reading a conventional children’s poetry.

This is author’s second book and the first one was “Lesson to Aliens” which won a world record as “World’s youngest Published Science fiction author”.