Rook: Revenge (Chess Quest Book 3)

Rook: Revenge (Chess Quest Book 3)

ABOUT Michael Young

Michael Young
I am a writer of science fiction and fantasy.  I have two published novels: The Canticle Kingdom and The Last Archangel.
I am a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in German Teaching and a minor in Music. I live in Utah with his wife and two sons.

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Rich may have defeated Mallory, his nemesis, but his quests are only beginning. When a trip into the labyrinth known as the Corridor of Keys almost ends in disaster, Rich realizes he needs more training to be up to the task of rescuing his father. By fulfilling a new set of quests over summer break, Rich can gain the rank of rook, which brings with it incredible new powers. Mallory, however, isn't going to stay down for long. As Rich becomes more powerful, so does she, meaning he might never get a second chance at a family reunion.