Spy Thriller: The High Yield Vector: A Fast Paced Spy Thriller (Mark Savannah Espionage Series Book 2)

ABOUT Baibin Nighthawk

Baibin Nighthawk
Baibin Nighthawk (Pen Name): Baibin holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and a Certificate in Art (Teaching). She is a freelance Business Consultant, a member of Art of Ink in America Society and a writer. She won several Poetry and international Calligraphy Awards.


Former British intelligence agent Mark Savannah escapes the international arrest warrant hanging over his head by taking refuge among the Tuareg of Mali. In 2008 the resurgence of fighting in the North of the country causes him to change his plans, forcing him into hiding in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he works undercover as a doctor at the hospital in Kinshasa. Trying to survive the widespread corruption in the country, Mark becomes a direct witness to the devastating and deadly effects of a transgenic plant project funded by an international consortium that is looking for breakthrough OMG production strains while ruthlessly taking huge risks with the native population’s health. Approached once again by British intelligence to investigate the activities of the consortium, Mark finds himself involved in violent clashes between several countries’ intelligence services as they fight for control over the territory and its markets. Mark once again finds himself facing a deadly confrontation with his mortal enemy and the "sniper" who has never stopped hunting him.

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