The Piedersen Conspiracy: An Ed Vandera & Marti Ellis Thriller (Mystery and suspense, thriller, suspense crime thriller Book 1)

ABOUT Christian Dane

Christian Dane
From the time I learnt to read I was always an avid reader. Throughout the years, my tastes have been eclectic. Ranging from the classics, through fantasy and humour to thrillers and crime novels. I was inspired by a number of authors I was editing for to write my own novel. In 2015, I too More...


At first they believed Vandera Shipping had been the victim of the rapidly-growing international cyber-crime, BEC. But soon Ed Vandera and Marti Ellis find themselves embroiled in a far more complex and sinister plot to bring down both the Vandera shipping empire and the family at any cost. A race against time begins when the company's CEO, Charles Vandera disappears during a business trip. Ed and Marti seek help from two of Ed’s friends, Gus, who is now working for the FBI, and Whitey who was in Special Ops with him and is now running guns in Somalia. The four of them pool their skills to piece together the seemingly unrelated fragments of an intricate puzzle. A tale that will keep you guessing to the end.