Balance: Book 1 of the Balance Series

General Fiction

By Glenn Edwards

Publisher : Glenn A Edwards

ABOUT Glenn Edwards

Glenn Edwards



The whole world needs, "BALANCE", without it you have chaos. Going about our daily lives we rarely pay attention to the animals we share our world with. This was about to change.
The world has become overcrowded with humans and their machines. To resolve this problem, living forces of nature have taken it upon themselves to save the planet from this threat.
The fate of every human lies within a game warden of Kentucky, by the name of Mary. She forms a most unlikely alliance with a creature of legend, known as BIGFOOT.
Together they race to save mankind from extinction. Unknown to them another evil saidstic creature of the forest seeks to prevent them from reaching the one who can stop the slaughter.

“Balance” is the first of 4 in a series which I created at the urgency of my children and grandchildren. I always enjoyed spinning yarns, so I decided to place one on paper. Since the first story it’s spun out of control to a series and will most likely continue with a 5th. Balance begins with a down to earth, common sense woman by the name of Mary Hatchfield who has been appointed to work as the Game Warden in Kentucky working at Mammoth Cave National Park. Being one who doesn’t believe in Bigfoot or any other type of creature. Her views of the world in addition to the civilization which we now live was about to be rewritten in a most savage and deadly form. Mary encounters a Bigfoot by the name of Jumping-Buck which she discovers isn’t some stupid beast but has the emotions and a family life much as we. It’s his kind that use the animals of the world in an attempt to eliminate all humans in order to save the planet, but not all the Bigfoot believe that such drastic measures should be used. The story continues on with the adventure of these two different, but similar people as they travel across the country to stop the extinction of humanity. Unknown to both another more sadistic and evil Bigfoot has no desire to halt his own personnel style of horror he has been enjoying.