Answer is Blowing in the Wind: Mankind's Hunt For Signs Of Life Beyond Earth

Science & Technology

By Robin Moulik

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Robin Moulik



With a thought-provoking insight into the possibility of life beyond Earth within the universe, the story explores the history of our past, present and the future ahead. It helps our understanding of the ages of the Galaxy, the Solar System and other planetary systems in the Milky Way that could answer mankind’s all speculations on life beyond Earth. This book is an ode to all the great achievements of humanity and to those courageous brave men and women who dared to venture into the mysterious space that is beyond our planet to discover other unknown worlds and rewrite the history of mankind. Answer is Blowing in the Wind also portrays the current developments in space science and technology and space discoveries that are unfolding many unknown secrets of the Universe today.

The Book “ANSWER IS BLOWING IN THE WIND” is a device to ignite the imagination. Despite all the uncertainties, extraterrestrial life has become an increasingly exciting area of scientific investigation and present. The book aims to prompt any curious and open-minded people in our modern world to research. Mankind’s scientific space mission programs are infused with optimism. Astronomers, physicists and scientists have launched their hunt for the signs of life beyond Earth in the Universe. A marvel in itself, this distinctive book focus on the most useful features of many events of mankind’s past and rethink and reexamine the true history of life on earth at the same time bringing its readers attention to many stunning facts of information derived from many recent archaeological and space discoveries, with some illustrative s photographs that would help the enthusiastic readers of this book to relate to the evidences to their own beliefs and ideas, irrespective of varied public opinions.