A Perilous Question

Mystery & Thrillers

By Barry Finlay

Publisher : Keep On Climbing Publishing

ABOUT Barry Finlay

Barry Finlay
Barry Finlay is a fiction and non-fiction author. In his previous life, he had an extensive career in financial management before retiring in 2004 after thirty two years with the Canadian federal government. Since retiring, he has divided his time between writing, working as a consultant o More...



A vacation in Tanzania turns into a rescue operation of two young girls from human trafficking

Marcie Kane, a strong and independent divorced woman, is on vacation in Tanzania, when her enjoyment is shattered: while visiting a dormitory she helped fund, a teenage girl asks her a perilous question – “When are you taking me to America?” Harmless as it may seem, Marcie realizes that, posed to the wrong person, this question could spell disaster for the girl and her friend. Her fears prove to be well founded.

A sophisticated adventure in the midst of organized crime

As Kane discovers, the girls are victims of an international human trafficking ring centered at no place other than her home state of Florida. Her attempts to help, quickly spiral out of control, leading to deadly consequences. All the while, her independence is being challenged by the handsome FBI agent working on the case.

A Perilous Question is a compelling story that will shock and entertain you, by award winning author Barry Finlay, named to the Authors Show’s list of “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” in 2012. It weaves the facts of international human trafficking into a gripping suspense thriller you will not be able to put down.

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While in Tanzania, Africa visiting a dormitory with a child-focused charitable organization, I was asked by a teenage girl, "When are you taking me to Canada?" I wondered what would happen to her if she asked the wrong person. The character in the book, Shoni Batanga, does ask the wrong person and the consequences are disastrous.

"A Perilous Question sizzles with international intrigue as the tension and suspense mount to a compelling pitch. Barry Finlay will keep you turning the pages."  - Rick Mofina, Bestselling Author of FREE FALL.
"A Perilous Question is a masterfully written crime novel that will find a home in the hearts of many readers." - Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite
"A high octane thriller laced with insightful social commentary. A Perilous Question hits all the right notes and leaves you wanting for more. It is highly recommended." - Book Viral
"I finished the new book and well done - a good read and you have a character to keep running with." - Terry - Chapters Indigo reader
"Far from being your archetypical thriller it combines action and suspense whilst leaving you much to think about which the hallmark of a good book." - Karen E. Proctor, Amazon.UK
"An excellent read with action and excitement to keep you going until after you should be asleep." - Amazon Canada customer