Ratchet & Stench: Animal Sleuths

ABOUT Robert A Webster

Robert A Webster
Robert A. Webster is a multi-genre author based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Originally from Cleethorpes, UK, he embodies both hearty wit and adventurous vigor, making his prose insanely memorable and incessantly enjoyable. His unique brand of snarky humour and imaginative storytelling brea More...



Dog Gone Mystery

When Cruft’s Best of Breeds Champion mysteriously disappear, the finger of suspicion points at the owner of a rival kennel.
Somerset police find the missing Scottish terriers microchip tracker, but unable to find further evidence of a crime, they stop investigations.
The other dogs call in Ratchet and Stench, and even though they uncover clues that suggest a brutal murder, the animal sleuths aren’t convinced.