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Angela Joseph
Angela is a writer of Christian fiction and non-fiction as well as articles dealing with health, fitness and education. Her work has been published in A Cup of Comfort for Mothers, and a number of online sites.  Angela's first Christian non-fiction book, Women For All Seasons will be rel More...



Coming Out of Egypt is Angela's first novel and Book 1 of her Egypt trilogy. The book is set in Trinidad and Tobago, Angela's birthplace, and features two sisters, Marva and June, survivors of sexual abuse, anxious to put their past behind them. But Marva has committed a horrible crime, which has her running from the law while trying to control her rebellious younger sister and hold down a job in a man's domain. Coming Out of Egypt is a story that demonstrates God's power to deliver us from the bondage of our past and give us "hope and a future."

What prompted me to write this book? During my years as a teacher I encountered children who were believed to be victims of sexual abuse and nothing was done about it. As a behavioral health therapist, I meet people – men and women – who continue to suffer from the trauma of sexual abuse well into their adult lives. But this book is not just about sexual abuse. I have explored the themes of relationships, forgiveness, redemption and family dynamics. Even though this story is set in a Third World country, I believe the issues and the characters’ response to them are universal. This story has been fourteen years in the making and has gone through almost as many rewrites, but throughout, I have felt God urging me to bring it to fruition so that scores of women – and the men who love them – can find hope in the knowledge that regardless of their past, they can have a future in Jesus Christ. During those fourteen years, I also wrote the other two books in this series so you can follow what happens to your favorite characters.

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

Coming Out Of Egypt by Angela Joseph introduces us to Marva and June, two sisters who have been abused sexually since their childhood. Due to this abuse, Marva commits a terrible crime and she ends up running from the law, and working towards making a new life for herself and June. Marva knows she should face justice for what she did, but she wants a different life, one full of love and understanding. The question is, will she find what she seeks?

This was an interesting book and one that really did draw me in and make me question things. I like that it makes you feel connected to Marva; she committed a crime, but she really does seek forgiveness for what she did and wants so badly to leave her old life behind her. Haven't all of us at one time or another wanted to be forgiven for something and wanted to leave it behind? For me, this was a story of overcoming a terrible childhood and finding some redemption while showing the love between two sisters who went through a lot together.

It is an emotional story that also deals with the morals of a world that is not black and white. The story flows beautifully and is truly written in a compelling way. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a well written story with fully fleshed out characters who feel very real. You will not regret a single moment of time you spend with Marva and June.