Dark Harvest (Dark Moon Series Book 2)

ABOUT Shelly Burrows Michael Stewart

Shelly Burrows Michael Stewart
Shelly is a mother to a son whom she affectionately calls Bug. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix. In addition to having a passion for all things legal, she loves to read and play video games with her son. She was born in  More...



When Mike Hardy and Bentley Britt left North Carolina they thought they would have a fresh start. However, it isn't long before the troubles they left on the east coast find them.

The Coven is used to being feared, but soon they find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Cronus is facing old enemies and those grudges spanning centuries can only be paid in blood.

Werewolves are disappearing and the Blood Moon Pack is hunting for those responsible. Will they find the answers they seek? Will that knowledge bring them closure or will they find that the truth they have been searching for is far more gruesome than they ever imagined? What will they do when they find this terror wears an all too familiar face?

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