Castles of Reverie

Castles of Reverie

ABOUT Varuna Mehta

Varuna Mehta



“CASTLES OF REVERIE” is a collection of poems and prose that spans over twenty years of the author’s life. It is a peek into a woman’s soul that ripens with every life-experience, and reflects the innermost meditations of a questioning spirit that blooms with time and age. Whether it is the melancholic melody in “THE NAIVETY OF MY HEART” or the victorious euphoria of the mind in “MANY MILES STILL TO GO,” the wreath of emotions is woven with finesse and panache. “PARENTING IN TODAY’S TIMES” touches an issue that is ever pertinent, while “THE AGONIZED WORLD” seamlessly blends the idea of world peace with couplets that linger and saunter deep down. So, sit back and amble with the poetess in this star-spangled meadow and pluck florets of empathy, wisdom and everlasting peace!