ABOUT Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy
I like to write true to form Science Fiction Romance stories about what life will be like in 150 years in the future. The book Prophecy is made to be realistic and tangible for what the real future will look like in 150 years with autonomous electric cars, android robotics, fusion reactors More...


So are you sick of unrealistic Sci-Fi books with Star Wars technology with bad science and have no romance in them and a very thin plot line along with underdeveloped characters with no personality, then read on. This is a Science Fiction Romance book with true to form science, and great romance with interesting characters set 150 years into the future on Earth. The story line is very plausible and realistic plus very dramatic, it will make you cry and also laugh, and the book has lots of interesting 3D graphics in it for you to enjoy.
For the science readers this book adheres to all the known laws of physics, it has Gravitational Waves, lots of particle physics, autonomous cars that aren’t very smart, Quantum Computers which use Qubits and have Feynman states and decoherence and Quantum encryption. The book talks a lot about Dark Matter, and all of it’s mysterious properties which are used for an interstellar propulsion system called Dark Matter Drive. All the extrasolar planets discussed in the book actually exist, and the time dilation effects for space travel are taken into account.
For the romance readers the book has lot’s of that. All the women in the book are wicked smart with complex personalities and they of course fall in love. The main character is a brilliant Latina woman with a terrible temper which get’s her in lots of trouble. She’s perpetually late for everything, a total espresso addict, and a Persian cat lover. She also loves to drink Mojito’s which usually gets her in trouble. She also spends most all her income on clothes.
The book also has some very positive religious connotations about God the universe and everything. So if you are ready to go on a scientific and romantic interstellar voyage with complex and fun characters, then this is the book for you.