ABOUT Natasha Carmon

Natasha Carmon
      Natasha Carmon is a graduate of Trousdale County High School in Hartsville, Tn. and was nominated Who’s Who among American High School Students. After high school, she went straight into the work force to earn a living and within the past ten years of her life, changes in her More...



Tyese Gaines will do anything to get out of project living. She is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Her first love Trip, who couldn’t fill his big britches, sent her to hell and back dodging bullets, chasing women and physical abuse so she lured and seduced a real man Cecil ‘Poundcake’ Flipton…a man that taught her that the street life isn’t the only life but Ty can’t help herself when it comes to hustling. She has seen and lived it too long not to get over on somebody including her half-sister Valise Atkins. Although Valise is a little green behind the ears in the field of street life, she has to teach her little sister that the Chicago native isn’t as naïve as Ty believes. Revenge is bittersweet for Valise when she finds out Ty has stolen her identity and to get back at her sister she goes after the two things Ty can’t live without…her sexy side piece Chaos and her loyal loving husband Poundcake. The question is which one of the sister’s gets the man in the end. One will come out on top and the other will go underground.