ABOUT Natasha Carmon

Natasha Carmon
      Natasha Carmon is a graduate of Trousdale County High School in Hartsville, Tn. and was nominated Who’s Who among American High School Students. After high school, she went straight into the work force to earn a living and within the past ten years of her life, changes in her More...



Tessa Smith a respiratory tech has just landed a position with Regional hospital. Rob Stockton her co-worker advises a quick alternate route to get to work from a celebration brunch for a resigning RT that lands Tessa on the property of the Durand farm. Tessa enters the property to discover death all around her and runs into the occupants of the house who are not willing to let her leave to make it to her job. A nightmarish hell she is trapped in and can’t escape it to return to her life with her boyfriend Brett and her family. Will Tessa find her way from her captors and escape what’s lurking in the basement or will she forever stay the property of Bailey and Poppy Durand?