The Art of Death: Love & War (The Black Saga Book 1)

ABOUT Quentin Washburn

Quentin Washburn
From Upstate, New York, Quentin David-Lee Washburn writes stories with a passion and desire to bring entertainment to those who read. His inspirations are famous writers Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and George Orwell and his favorite book is Orwell’s 1984. When he isn’t busy working  More...



In the aftermath of the outbreak, Beasts run rampant and feast on the few humans that are left. Anyone unlucky enough to not be ripped to shreds by their nail-like claws becomes one of them in a matter of seconds. The ones who survive in this world are the ones who join a group and stay inside after sundown when the real threats run free. Rumors spread of a camp in Canada that could withstand a Beast attack and provide shelter for a city before the outbreak. Upon hearing this rumor, Oliver – a man who lost every last person in his own group – begins his journey to find this camp to ensure his survival, and to outrun the groups he runs into along the way.

This is the first book of a planned series.