Let's Wait Awhile: A Teenage Love: No Affair

ABOUT Dyphia Blount

Dyphia Blount



I stood there with a million butterflies swimming around in my stomach as my brother stood proudly beside me; ready to escort me into the church. My hands were sweaty and holding on to the bouquet of beautiful white lilies became harder as the seconds passed. I heard the organ began to play “Here comes the bride” and I felt like I was about to throw up. My forehead began to sweat and I felt light-headed. The fabric of my long, white wedding dress was clinging to my body. I began swaying side to side as if I were dancing, when in reality I was trying to keep my balance. To say I was nervous was an understatement.
The doors opened and everyone came to their feet; patiently waiting for me to walk down the aisle, but my feet were stuck in that spot. I scanned the room and locked eyes with him. A moment of sudden emotions came over me. I didn’t know whether to smile or cry. I couldn’t see anyone or anything but him. I’m sure the music was still playing as my brother nudged me to move my feet; yet I couldn’t hear a thing. There he was looking as fine as I’d remembered. The look in his eyes pleaded with me to love him forever like we’d promised and oh how I truly wanted to, but…
He wasn’t the man I came here to marry today!