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Tanya Baker
As a motivational speaker, celebrity & spiritual life coach to the stars, author and  co-pastor of The Incredible Church located in Dallas, Texas. Pastor Tanya Baker has a heart for the people of God and she uses her coaching skills to steer people toward positive living. Working thro More...


The slab was the name that she given the table where she did her autopsies. It had become the place where she would be forced to deal with the pains of her past. And when the child she leaves in the woods for dead is brought to her slab, at that moment, Tonya will face the pain of her present. Or will the pain be so overwhelming that, Tonya runs back to God? Or will darkness cover her and while consumed in that darkness. Will Tonya fall deeper and deeper into her pains and end up on her own slab?

The book tells the story of a young women trying not only to escape who she is. She becomes the leading coroner for the city of Alanta and is forced to deal with everything she is running from on her slab. The slab is the table in which she performs her autopsies. This book will keep you off your chair with suspense.