The Forest (The Magical Forest Series Book 2)

ABOUT Krista Wagner

Krista Wagner
A mother of three and wife of TJ, Krista has been writing since she was seven. She started out writing songs and plays and then graduated to poetry during her teen years. In high school, she was on the staff of her literary magazine, co-authored her own zine, and began to write numerous More...



Tired of his dad's abuse and his teacher's mistreatment, Shane Smith takes a walk inside of a forest. Little does he know the forest contains mysteries that will forever change things for him. Will he be ready to face the sudden shift in his world?

The bully can be transformed by a magical forest, but will he accept it?

his second book after The Gold tells the story from the perspective of Amanda's fifth grade bully Shane. An excellent sequel.
Written for high school aged students, I would even venture far enough to say Middle School students could read this book as well. It is less than 100 pages and well written.