A Game Called Dead

Mystery & Thrillers

By Michael Daigle

Publisher : Imzadi Publishing

ABOUT Michael Daigle

Michael Daigle



"A Game Called Dead" was named A Runner-Up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Contest. 
 Ironton, N.J. Detective Frank Nagler returns  in the propulsive "A Game Called Dead,"  to face a mysterious, taunting Internet villain, #ARMAGEDDON.
Ironton appears to be a city rising from the flood and  political corruption of "The Swamps of Jersey," but then a series of beatings, murders and destruction, including the bookstore owned by Nagler's friend, Leonard, set the city on edge. 
Then two college women are attacked. They are players in a video game turned real life game called  A Game Called Dead. Suddenly the game has real consequences. 
In a roller-coaster ride of a story, Nagler must defend his friends and new companions from unknown dangers as #ARMAGEDDON grows bolder.  
"Let me tell you the rules of this game," he said. "Keep up." 
"I can burn a city down."

So declares the Internet poster #ARMAGEDDON. 
It is up Frank Nagle and his allies to stop him.

Two college women are attacked at Ironton, N.J.. State College. In the second Frank Nagler Mystery, Detective Frank Nagler must solve crimes, and defend his friend and himself against what appears to be and unprovoked attack from the Internet terrorist. #ARMAGEDDON. A roller-coaster ride of a story. A Runner-Up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Indie Book Contest

Detective Frank Nagler is Ironton, the northern New Jersey city where the story takes place. Both teeter on the knife’s edge between hope and despair. The city wallows in economic crisis brought on by the post-industrial era and exacerbated by greedy local politicians. But its heart of gold, the city’s resilient people who dream of better times and a different life for their children, fight the good fight, generation after generation, despite all odds. Nagler is the Fisher King, the death of his young wife twenty years earlier creating the dolorous wound that continues to bleed and will not heal.

The story opens with the savage beating of two women in a college dormitory and rapidly escalates to murder. One victim hints that a psychopath obsessed with a multiplayer online game may have brought its brutality into the physical world. A beautiful, but troubled college administrator steps forward to guide Nagler through the academic bureaucracy, but is she friend or foe? Meanwhile, Nagler’s friend, a local business owner who is both blind and confined to a wheelchair, is terrorized by someone who is sadistically toying with him, destroying his store and his livelihood. Are the deaths and violence as random as they appear, or is there something deeper and more malevolent festering in Ironton?

“A Game Called Dead” is a literary mystery that will keep you turning the pages. If you enjoy stories with vivid characters, unexpected plot twists and strong writing, you should read this book.