The Ghosts of Daemon Yarborough

The Ghosts of Daemon Yarborough

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Margaret Marr
Margaret Marr grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina where she spent her summers reading and making up romantic stories in her head. A healthy interest in the supernatural and unexplained led her to writing mystery, paranormal, horror, and young adult fiction laced with romanc More...



Decades after the initial incidents that took the lives of Daemon Yarborough’s wives, murder hangs over the old Yarborough mansion, leaving a dark pall. Now, restless spirits roam the empty corridors waiting for the living to return in order to finish what was begun nearly a century ago.

Despite the bizarre rumors surrounding the Yarborough mansion, Darvie Harrison decides that’s the house she wants to begin life anew. On the first night of her stay, the ghosts make themselves known in a not so subtle way. However, she’s going to stay and no one, least of all ghosts, are going to scare her away.

As a descendent of a serial killer, Devlin Yarborough isn’t the most popular man in a small town that never forgets its past. Stubborn, he refuses to leave the only town he considers home. Now he has to deal with the pretty new tenant in his great-grandfather’s house who refuses to leave for her own good.