Rantings of a Beautiful Mind


By Jacqueline Poe

Publisher : Jacqueline Poe

ABOUT Jacqueline Poe

Jacqueline Poe
I am a 30 year old mother of two. I have been writing poetry since I was about 12. I have been through a lot of traumatic experiences in my lifetime and I have never been one that is able to really talk about my feelings with people. I always have this fear that if I open up to people then More...



A collection of poetry written by a girl that has had a hard life but is still standing. With nobody to guide her through these troubling times, she resorted to writing poetry. Take a journey through the depths of her mind and see how she battled through the many demons surrounding her past and guarding her future.

Growing up, I had a lot of painful experiences and nobody to help me through them. My parents never showed that they cared about me in any way. I was led to believe that I couldn't trust my own parents, so how was I supposed to trust anyone else? I have always kept my feelings buried deep inside to be dealt with by yours truly, because that is the way it always was growing up. Since I couldn't bring myself to trust anyone enough to let go of all the painful feelings that were hidden inside, I started writing and poetry is what I decided to write. By writing my feelings down on paper, they were kept for my own eyes only and it got them out of me so that they weren't building up into a crazy rage. I had an outburst of anger that was so bad it landed me in a mental institution when I was 13. I blew up and beat up a tree and a truck, which did some damage to my body, so they thought I was a danger to myself. I only spent 6 months there though because they got to "the root of the problem" you could say. After that experience, I really started writing quite a bit because I didn't want to go back lol Over the past couple of years, I have finally figured out how to let go of the things that happened in the past. I forgave my mom for allowing all of the painful experiences, I don't dwell on the past anymore, and I finally learned how to let people in (a little bit) I decided to share my book with the world in hopes of helping neglectful and emotionally abusive parents to get a glimpse into the mind of the child they are damaging by those things, and also to hopefully give hope to a child that might be experiencing these things to see that they can and must fight through the pain, whether by themselves like I did, or with help that is available.