Meretneith and Merneptah

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Barbara Cerda



The Protectress gazes into the incredible face that is her son. The eons old promise of the coming of the Ptah a' Tanen is sitting at her feet. After 200,000 years, a male would become the Protector. He is the second born and tribal tradition dictated that he be the consort and brother to the next Protectress. Nevertheless, she understands that her daughter is not suited to assume the role. Only Merneptah could wear the heavy mantle of leadership for both tribes. Merneptah is the male who has become the Ptah a' Tanen, god of all. There is such force in his words. She stares back at him wondering if he could see what she is feeling. These words should be coming from his sister. Anat should be here at her side in this moment. Nevertheless, it is her son's words of death dealing. Looking into his exquisite face, Meretneith feels conflicted. Yet there is joy in the acknowledgement of his strength.