THE NEW AFRICAN/AMERICAN STORY BOOK: New Edition | Upgraded | Rebranded (Volume Book 1)

Poetry, Mystery & Thrillers, Children's Books

By Destiny Okpalaeke

Publisher : Destination Jobs

ABOUT Destiny Okpalaeke

Destiny Okpalaeke
CHIMAUCHEM DESTINY OKPALAEKE is a Nigerian by birth. He is a graduate of Computer Engineering from Pacific Western University, Denver State. He is a Real Estate Consultant (Realtor), managing a Realtors Firm, DESTINYKING HOME OF GLOBAL PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENT LIMITED (abbreviated as Dest More...


THE NEW AFRICAN/AMERICAN STORY BOOK is a story tale written to keep you wondering of things people do, how things become in place, how dream always come through and other story tale which will keep you reading the book time to time. There are so many stories untold which are unveiled in this book.
There are so many interesting stories in this book which will keep wondering and imagine things while giving you knowledge of something and power to defend yourself in a difficult time.
There are;
The Story of the Americano Girl, the Rich man and the Poor man, an old woman and the mushroom, the Lion and the Little Boy, the Tortoise and the Spirit, the Elephant and the Bull, the Golden Fish and the Fisherman, the wise and the Foolish, Little Emmanuella and Evil Spirits, a woman and her Children, Adamu and the Evil Bicycle, Fishes and Shacks, wisdom of the Tortoise, the Lazy Tortoise, Linda and the Snakes, the Creator and His Creatures, his father and the fatherless one, the three Wealthy Women, the Eagle among the Chickens and other top and tough and touching stories assembled in this book with lessons outlines for gladness, wisdom acquisition and progression in everything you think that will be of beneficial to you. Don’t read it along, read with friends and families. Make sure your friend has their copy.

An African and American Great stories of this time. The story of a young Lady that determine to make history, the Wise and the foolish, The Rich and the Poor, the three powerful women, A woman and her three children, The defeat of Lion by Tortoise, All latest Animal Story tales etc. Great Stories in this book is for greatness and stardom.

This book is number book fiction story of this era