Great Talks About Photo Realism

Great Talks About Photo Realism

ABOUT Bogdan Sasu

Bogdan Sasu
Bogdan Sasu is an artist, 3D generalist and author living in Romania who has more than two decades experience in the creative arts. As a boy, he discovered the world by drawing it, as an adult he learned that no dream is too big. His mantra: dream, believe, make. From architectural visual More...



The book is the very first such project uniting world-renowned artists in the 3D community. Great Talks about Photo Realism by Bogdan Sasu is a book that promises to unveil the stories of some of the best international visualization artists in the industry.

If you’ve ever wondered about the secrets behind creating photo-realistic images, you now have a chance to peek inside the great minds who have already captured the attention in the field.