Eating My Way Through Baseball

ABOUT Barry Weinberg

Barry Weinberg
Sometimes we can’t see the picture because we are within the frame. We never step back and look at the magnitude of what we do or appreciate the number of people we have affected.  How special our lives have become because of the decisions we make that dictate the paths we take. In a 3 More...


"Eating My Way Through Baseball" every mile is a memory. My career in Baseball has given me so many wonderful opportunities on and off the field. I have meet the greatest people and shared many awesome meals.

I have not only shared my favorite stories about Yogi, Mark McGwire, Tony La Russa, Gator, Vince Gill, Randy Travis, Reggie Jackson and so many more...but I have also compiled a complete list of restaurants around the league and this great country, my Top 3 LaScarola, in Chicago, Hunan in Oakland and Tramonte, in Delray Beach Florida.

Such an Honor and a thrill for me to have Jack Buck's son Joe write the forward.

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