Witching Hour: Zodiac (Vol I - III) (Witching Hour Anthologies Book 3)

Witching Hour: Zodiac (Vol I - III) (Witching Hour Anthologies Book 3)

ABOUT Trinity Hanrahan

Trinity Hanrahan


Since mankind first became aware of the heavens, the belief of celestial bodies influencing actions have held firm.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are said to guide a path through life. They decide a fate which one can not deviate from, despite their best struggle. Each has its own characteristics and myths. All possess their own approach to life...

...and to death.

These mystical members on the wheel of destiny aren't always righteous and pure. They will also play diabolical games, leading their game pieces down a trail which can not be returned from. The darkness to which they lead is whole and deep.

Welcome to the tales of the dark side of the Zodiac, and the destinations from which one has no control over.

Featuring stories from USA Today Bestselling authors and some of the hottest up-and-coming and award-winning dark fiction writers.