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https://booklocker.com/books/11079.html 978-1-64718-371-4 Omnicide -paperback(POD) $19.45 978-1-64718-372-1 Omnicide -hard cover(POD) $32.45 978-1-64718-373-8 Omnicide - e-book/ EPUB: $4.95 978-1-64718-374-5 Omnicide - e-book/ MOBI: $4.95 Book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9v5WPCjaQs youtube : "omnicide 2022 by Itzhak begerano" Get 20% off at book locker.com using discount code:save 20 Plot: "omnicide 2022" is a fictional political satire novel with a current feel: Crazy politicians are embroiled in a strange war which is led by Monro-the president of the Free Democracies, against Aswad- President of the Militant Islamists. Monro,Aswad and their armies are leading the world to a terrifying escalation. In the midst of this, Monro's deputy,Barney the comedian is sent to the front against his will to entertain the troops. His neck is on the line to keep them amused. Additionally, a group of old and famous Hollywood actors are forced to portray deadly commando soldiers and go beyond enemy lines.