My Husband in Heaven

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Ching Colmenares



There is a valuable inheritance before and after the funeral. Not material wealth but a life to be carried on, the life that was lost. One day your whole life was changed, suddenly. You feel his presence regularly and sometimes there is an invisible touch in your skin. There is a regular guidance and protection, but most of all, you are realizing that you are living one's life, as if there is a certain goal, because so many things are working out. This is a one in a million case. Your deceased loved one can be in touch and can interfere with your life events. He incorporates your life and you are becoming himself. In this experience, there is too much to learn about the afterlife because of a special connection there. The primary realization would be to live with the most important things in life beyond the pleasures of material and physical gain. There are two intrinsic factors that show why the spirit of your deceased beloved remains through you: spiritual connection and spiritual justice. In this case, you are experiencing a spontaneous spiritual interference. Half of your life is an afterlife event. The reason is based on the eternal destiny he/she is facing in the afterlife including the life few years before the death, and even the cause of the death. By merging biblical spirituality and Quantum Physics, we can probe the controversies on reincarnation and the afterlife accountability of a soul.