Genesis: A Paranormal Alliance Destined to Fight the Powers of Darkness

ABOUT Brandy Alexander

Brandy Alexander
Biography “Although I absolutely love the challenge of teaching young minds, I am very excited that my writing continues to take me to new places. Who knows where the next creative adventure will lead.”

Growing up in an isolated area of the Texas Gulf Coast, Brandy Alexan More...


Clayton is an interesting man with an even more interesting gift: the ability to talk to ghosts. But life wasn’t always so strange for Clay. After his older brother dies while saving him from drowning beneath the broken ice, twelve-year-old Clayton York awakens to discover he can communicate with his brother’s spirit. His unique relationship with his ghost brother is a strange source of comfort to him as he grows up and learns to hone his gift. His supernatural ability to see earthbound spirits makes life difficult, but living with them can be a real trial. Along with the unusual group of wise-cracking friends he now lives with in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clay must unravel a peculiar string of violent behavior and murders involving the occult. Can they figure out how to stop demons from destroying the world as they know it? Racing against the clock to save humanity, Clay follows a path of self-discovery as he finds out what having true Faith really means. Clayton is drawn into an unlikely alliance with non-corporeal friends, spirits, angels, and priests destined to fight the powers of darkness before all hell breaks loose.