Devouring Divine (The Strings of War Book 1)

ABOUT Shrinivas Gaikwad

Shrinivas Gaikwad
He is currently a graduate student studying Computer Science. He is from India and one day wants to write a story filled with the rich cultural tales of this magnificent land. He is aspiring to become a skilled Software developer one day. He is an apprentice level game developer and with t More...



A war between Daemons and humans has disrupted Sekizen’s harmony for nine centuries. This never-ending war has permanently altered its course in the favour of humans as they discover a means to slay one of the immortal Daemons. They have acquired a weapon of divinity, one of the eight weapons capable of slaying the remaining seven immortal Daemons, who claim to be the children of one perfect God. But can normal humans wield the divine weapon?

The kingdom of Manve, the strongest human kingdom on Sekizen, believes that the people from the Sakri island hold the answers to the weapon and the Viom, the magic brought by these Gods, but the island hides in the depths of the Sekizen somewhere near the kingdom of Daemons. But will human greed for power, intervention by the religion of Demistry and insults to the Divine Book, yield Manve the victory and answers they crave so desperately?

Kaori, the princess of the Manve kingdom, dreams of equality and peace amongst the different bloodlines in the kingdom. She attempts to change the kingdom from within and fights for the Athemans and Agnosians in the emperor's court, but her fight against the Demistry changes the course of the kingdom’s internal politics.

Raven, second in line for the Manve throne, a half Piousena and a Viom user, has given up on the Divine book and the Demistry. He wants to repent for his sins. His Viom powers have made him the strongest general and killer in the history of Sekizen. He joins the Elite Freaks for his journey for redemption, but are his good deeds enough to wash away the sins of war and innocent blood?

Nihal, an Atheman, the bloodline of slaves, has given up hope on life. He only lives to avenge his mother and to keep a promise to his sister. He wants to retreat to his past and wants to live on the farm forever, but his latent powers change his life forever. The Elite Freaks show him an alternative to change the world for good. His powers give him hope for retribution against the crimson killer. But is revenge fulfilling? Will it give him the peace he is searching for?