ADELINA: A Cautionary Fairy Tale (Book 1) (Long Hair Clan)

ADELINA: A Cautionary Fairy Tale (Book 1) (Long Hair Clan)

ABOUT Jimoh Habeeb

Jimoh Habeeb



Once upon a time, there lived a most wise and benevolent King and his equally gracious Queen. They treated their subjects with utmost kindness, distributing food to the poor in times of need and providing coal to all their subjects during the harsh winter months. They were well loved throughout the entire kingdom, and stories of their good deeds spread far and wide. So, it was that there was general rejoicing when they gave birth to their first child, a daughter they named Adelina, which fittingly means "of noble birth." Princess Adelina was adorable and grew up to be a model child. Although very beautiful, she was far from vain. She carried herself with poise and developed perfect manners. Her life was one of continual bliss. Until she clock fourteen.... What happens to her at fourteen? And what happens after that....