The Bully

Horror, General Fiction

By Wiley March

Publisher : Ukiyoto Publishing

The Bully

ABOUT Wiley March

Wiley March
Wiley K. March grew up traveling. Her parents divorced when she was young, and her mother's mental health crises left her responsible for her younger siblings. Her first stories were comical adventures written to entertain her siblings. Further inspired by her junior high school creative  More...


Never safe for a moment, Carissa Locke learns from too young and tender an age, that she is all alone in a cruel and hostile world, where even those who were meant to be her protectors are her enemies. Sold, beat down, and abandoned, a young girl struggles to survive against all odds, struggles to find balance and peace between anger and indignation.
In search of deliverance, for forgiveness, desperate to believe she is a person worth saving, or that there is anything of her at all that is more than a war child. Carissa's soul searching, her introspection, leading us back to where we found her, self-pity seeping away with the realization that the rage and loathing she had visited upon the world, the weapons that had saved her life would be the very ones that led her to this precipice of self-destruction.
As her best friend lay dying, Carissa will do anything to heal the wound of the fight that has ruined their friendship and may ultimately cost Danielle her life and Carissa her freedom. In her grief over what she has done, Carissa implores Danielle's forgiveness, learning that Danielle's perfect veneer has been a lie all these years, she has soul-shattering secrets of her own. Carissa has only just begun the inner battle against the Bully she has become. She has realized the most dangerous enemy any of us will ever face is ourselves.

The Bully was inspired by events from my own childhood and the unfortunate and frightening lives of children I knew growing up.