ABOUT Rev. Nicholas Stanley

Rev. Nicholas Stanley
Reverend Nicholas Stanley, stands out as one of the genuine practitioners in the fields of Wellness and Metaphysics. Rev. Stanley has life experience and the necessary education to promote healing, which includes being licensed as a massage therapist, registered yoga teacher, and metaphysi More...



Nicholas began his journey due to his love and admiration for his mother, who has been working in the spa sector since his birth. Despite his mother’s illness before Nicholas’ high school graduation, he persisted in achieving his best and succeeded. However, his journey was yet to begin. Regardless of all the pain he endured while processing his own growth, he managed to support his family from the kindness of his heart. He journeyed through mistakes, heartbreaks, and lessons, taking note of how each experience shaped him. He ventured throughout the States, finding a special connection in NYC among various other places. NYC especially helped him experience different people and inspired him to create a book that would inspire others across the world. He was able to discover the "mystical" part of being divinely guided to the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix Arizona. It was followed through an accident in Long Island, and that was when he went on a search for true healing for mind, body, and spirit. After that difficult time, Nicholas discovered what career he was destined to pursue; he wanted to remain in a similar industry where he could continue feeling his mother's presence in all that he did. As a result, he developed an interest in Health and Wellness, and through a variety of Alternative Modalities found that he can promote the interaction between healing and balance the importance of Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. And now, with comprehensive knowledge, he has developed an effective method for people to maintain awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection.