The Uncivil Truth

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Thomas Swindell
Matthew Karen James, of Tiano decent, is a writer, traveler, and adventurer. His journeys and experiences with people around him have helped craft his stories over the past three decades. In his books, Matthew employs a science fiction lens in order to present issues that transcend racial, More...



For Major Nelson it was a comfortable job working top secret missions, despite a few hiccups during her military career. But all that changed when she and her team led three rowdy civilian scientists on the first ever interplanetary expedition. Years later, she must investigate what happened to her crew with the help of a reporter and a classified bioweapon, but they may just discover the truth is not always civil.

What started out as a simple backstory was created into an individual story at the urging fo my editor. It is funny to have watched how this story grew and characters became added and situations started to develop that was never there.