A Funhouse of Nightmares

A Funhouse of Nightmares

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Robert L  Appleton



"A Funhouse of Nightmares: Twisted Tales For Troubled Grown-ups" is a macabre anthology featuring five surreal tales that blur the lines between reality and the bizarre. In "Static," a troubled young man follows enigmatic advice from radio static, leading him down a dark path. "Toad" tells the chilling story of a woman possessed by an Inca priest's spirit seeking vengeance. "The Book of Fallen Angels" explores Beelzebub's fall and redemption, while "Tears For Topsy" follows a clown who sacrifices his soul for happiness. "Mould" takes readers on a mind-altering journey through a hallucinogenic truffle's enchanting realm. Expect a captivating blend of supernatural, occult, and absurd elements that challenge perception and entertain.