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Victory George


"That's it," His breath fell on my neck and his body pressed against mine, his hands moved in... making me feel hot... "I own you now," he said his grin spreading across his face. "you just want a heir? do you really want me? Eva loses her parents and uncle. Rumors of her being the cause of the deaths begin to fly. Her grandfather the only one who is there for her, sends her to Seattle where she falls in love with who she thinks would definitely be her mate. she became traumatized when she realizes that she was not his mate so she came to the pack only to discover her grandfather was dead and her family's hate for her grew, they decided to give her off to the Alpha. She did realize he was her mate and for a moment she felt that she found a home until she realizes that the Alpha is related to the death of her loved ones. Eva in turns hates the whole pack and her extended family. It is now a Luna against all. what would she do when she is trapped in his charm?