OuterSpace in Geometry Dash

OuterSpace in Geometry Dash

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OuterSpace is a solo Hard 5* level that was created, verified, and published by Nicki1202. It is the initial level in the Fire Gauntlet, preceding Overture, and the first level with a Hard difficulty in all of the Gauntlets.


0-10%: The level commences with a cube section that operates at a standard pace. The Fire Gauntlet symbol and the words "Fire Gauntlet" are visible. At 2%, the player encounters an in-game visage that resembles a cube icon.
10-21%: Subsequently, the player transitions into a straightforward double-speed ship sequence that includes numerous obstacles that are easily avoided and frequent speed changes. The first user coin is directly above the text that states 'VIPRIN IS TRIGGERED' at approximately 14%.
21-34%: Subsequently, the player transitions to a double-speed ball segment that includes a series of seemingly random auto sections and uncomplicated timings. At 24%, the player passes a grinning face that is similar to the one at 2%. Subsequently, at 29%, the identical visage is discernible, albeit bereft.
34-45%: The player then enters a normal-speed UFO segment. At 36%, they are turned upside down and sent to double-speed. They then enter a blue gravity portal and return to normal-speed at 39%. A mini-portal is entered by the user at 43%, and they will shortly reach a cube portal. The same visage as the one at the outset is situated at 38%, and a cat-like face is situated at 43%. The user can glide on innocuous gradients and wide-open spaces throughout this entire section.
The player is enlarged upon entering the second cube section, where they discover an additional cheerful face similar to the one at 24%, ranging from 45 to 68%. The second user coin and basic jump orb durations are included in this section. The player will shortly enter a portal that operates at double the pace and is adorned with a despondent expression, similar to the one at 29%. The player will soon enter a sequence of gravity mats that are consecutive in order to facilitate the build-up. The player then ascends into the air and is greeted by the words "OUTER SPACE" as they descend into a spacecraft portal at treble the speed.
68-100%: Subsequently, the player enters a boss-fight with a triple-speed ship sequence, with the monster being a massive laser-shooting cannon located to the right of the screen. Right before it assaults, an exclamation mark appears. It can either fire its enormous laser or hurl its thorny limbs at the player. In addition, spikes are present on the top and bottom of the screen, with the sole exception of the third user coin's location. At approximately 80%, it retreats, necessitating that the player circumvent obstacles and large saw-blades in order to progress. Ultimately, the player arrives at a portal that operates at a typical pace at the conclusion of the level. Upon completion of the geometry dash subzero level, the large laser emerges from the wall.

User coins

The initial user coin is situated at 14% in the initial ship sequence. In an effort to retrieve it, the player must ascend to a sufficient altitude to avoid colliding with the barbs on the ceiling.
The second user coin is situated in the cube section at 57%. In order to retrieve it, the player must leap and avoid striking the green jump orb, instead allowing themselves to descend onto the floor between two spikes. The player should then strike the blue gravity pad located directly adjacent to the coin in order to ascend back to the standard route.
The third and final user coin is situated at 74% in the boss-fight of the ship sequence. In order to retrieve it, the player must either descend to the ground or fly beneath a laser that the antagonist fires at a close range.

Interesting Facts

The password for the level is 001202.
13,903 objects are present in the level.
The duration of the level is 1 minute and 17 seconds.
It is the initial level of the Fire Gauntlet.
It was previously the third level of the Fire Gauntlet; however, it was developed first following the introduction of the other gauntlets.
This is the gauntlet level that has garnered the most popularity.
A minor update was implemented in version 2.11, which included the addition of a few trivial details.
It is the most popular Hard 5* level in the game.
It is the second level to surpass 60 million downloads and the most-downloaded user level in the game.
The quantity of downloads exceeded 100 million on May 19, 2024.
It is the ninth most popular user level in the game.
It is the Hard-rated level in the game that has been downloaded and enjoyed the most.