Family Vengeance

ABOUT Carol L. Monfredo

Carol L. Monfredo
Being a sculptor has always been my creative outlet, even though my quiet moments have always been spent reading. As my aging hands and fingers found it difficult to manipulate clay and wood to the same degree, I knew I would need to find a new way to express my imaginative process. This t More...



Lose yourself into a world of seduction, mystery, and danger. Marissa Calloway's night at Club Coeur Noir takes a rather terrifying turn when she's abducted after a steamy encounter with Max, a wealthy attorney, setting off a chain of events and a web of secrets. As Max and his allies delve into Marissa's disappearance, they uncover a dark underworld of crime and betrayal. With the FBI on the case, shocking revelations emerge about Marissa's own family ties.