Day of Vindication

Mystery & Thrillers

By Jame Rupe

Publisher : MidLand

ABOUT Jame Rupe

Jame Rupe
James Rupe attended Central Missouri State University where he received a degree in education. After graduation, he spent the majority of his adult life as an educator, filling the roll of administrator, teacher and coach in both private, and public sectors.


The reader is taken on a gripping journey into the future revealing tomorrow’s news before it happens. A large American city is destroyed by fire. Millions die as a result of the surprise attack. Soon after the grieves act the world is placed on notice with the threat of six more equally deadly explosions if the resurrected Muhammad’s demands aren’t met within seven days. Cassandra Armendorfer, better known as Army, and her partner Raphael Guerra two elite counter terrorism agent’s lead a team of government specialist on a hectic chase across the United States to find the remaining bombs before the deadline ends. The hunt ends in Phoenix with failure to locate the bombs. The President is forced to concede to the terrorist demands, but only on the surface, allowing him enough time to put his covert plan of retribution into motion.