Haiku Smiles


By Nancy Lee Shrader

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

ABOUT Nancy Lee Shrader

Nancy Lee Shrader
My name is Nancy Lee Shrader and I'm the author of four books, "IS IT NOW? The End of Days!", "IS HE MESSIAH? Messianic Prophecies Revealed!", "The Curse of Mayweather House" and "Haiku Smiles"



A book of Haiku Poetry. 

Haiku Smiles
By Nancy Lee Shrader
Rated: A Compelling Five Stars

At 157 pages, Nancy Lee Shrader’s Haiku Smiles makes for excellent reading because it succeeds in presenting haiku according to the way the ancient haiku poets meant them to be: galaxies of meaning packed in the space of a raindrop.

Haiku Smiles will delight readers in search of poetic entertainment that touches on so many topics and themes: brief 5-7-5 syllabic encounters that satisfy like lengthy visits offered by much longer poetry. 

Nancy Lee Shrader’s pen is a mighty one!  Obviously an attentive student of poetry, she has honed her craft insightfully well as indicated by the poems in this collection.  Brilliantly observant, she has translated her awe of the world around her into the lines of her haiku with which readers can relate with their own wonder about nature’s beauty and power.  With strong word choice and vivid imagery, Nancy is able to capture a sliver of the natural and preserve the moment in the form of a haiku.  No easy task!

Here are two haiku from Haiku Smiles:


Dances in crimson
Roses blush in the garden
Embarrassing spring


Caustic rivers run
Deceitful rocks hide below
Corroding the shore

As a published poet myself, a conductor of poetry workshops, and a longtime judge of poetry contests, I can with much pleasure and assurance recommend Haiku Smiles to anyone in search of uplifting poetry.  As expressed in Nancy Lee Shrader’s own words from her haiku “Kettles and Conversation”:  “Dreams are voiced here.”

Salvatore Buttaci

Puzzle Complete

A puzzle haiku! :) I know it is not.. but that is what the pic reminded me of. It is a beautiful sentiment that is well said with a few words. Amazing how a tiny piece of the puzzle can just fit.. that tiny piece called love.. to make the heart and the picture complete.

Beautiful ink! :)

Reviewer: Mango's Mind

Puzzle Complete

Amazingly beautiful write about a special union.
This is such a hopeful write...that LOVE is real!!!

Reviewer: Lyrical Love

Demon's Claw

The imagery was amazing. Your choice of words is something to be admired, as they all really impacted the Demon image we can get from your poem. Good job!

Reviewer: Maddy

In your brief poem you declared the miracle of all time! Well done!

Reviewer: Salvatore Buttaci

Mirror Reflection

You are wonderful at writing Haiku!
Another beautiful piece!

Reviewer: Lynda


I find this an amazing haiku of nature. Seedlings sleeping under a blanket of snow. Nautres nursery. A Wonderful Haiku well written

Reviewer: Stony


Everglades plunder, what a wonderful ending to this amazing haiku. Loved it as I do all your work.

Reviewer: Whimzygirl

Eagle's Wings

Another bird warns the eagles prey. Wonderfully done.

Reviewer: Sister Suzie

Bark of the Dogwood

Now this is amazingly done. No bark for this dog. Loved it.

Reviewer: Stony

Crystal Wonderland

This is no doubt your best haiku. Loved it.

Reviewer: Lazy Days

Snow Angel

A beautiful Haiku of the magical Snow Angels. I could see them skating and breathing the frosty breeze

Reviewer Lazy Days

Winter Flight

Congratulations on winning the Christmas haiku contest! This Haiku is simpley amazing

Reviewer: Salvatore Buttaci

Snowman at Play

I could invision Frosty the Snowman in this beautifully written Haiku

Reviewer: Lazy Days

Winter Sleeps

Well written Haiku, tells a story in a few words.

Reviewer: Lazy Days

Santa Claus

Now this Haiku sends the message that Santa holds to the Christian faith. Wonderfully Written.

Reviewer Lazy Days


Loved this piece, Spins the tale of the Raven. Edgar Poe would be pleased.

Reviewer Stony

God's Eye

In a place where no one sees. I can see God embracing his children.

Reviewer: Stony

Ballerinas of the Breeze

This Haiku is by far one of your best. Loved the butterfly dance in my mind's eye.

Reviewer: Lazy Days


Your description of a waterfall as beautiful danger glistens in my mind.

Reviewer: Whimzygirl


Interesting and cleverly crafted haiku, I can't say I am a fan of the form but you have done a good job with Crimson.

Reviewer: S. A. Venus

Heaven's Tears

A fantastic write. Then thousand angels crying when the Lord died. Wonderful. A worthwhile Haiku

Reviewer: Lazy Days

Kettles and Conversation

Can you hear the dreams voiced here? I can

Reviewer: Whimzygirl

Haiku Nature

Oh, this is perfection! I absolutely loved these haiku.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be hard, but I just loved
the reaction my mind had when I read the "Conquest in Autumn"
I actually heard the 'CRUNCHING' sound of the falling leaves!

Magnificant poetess extraordinaire!!

Reviewer Helena

Haiku Nature

What I saw in this piece was more than just words or a format. I saw a vision. I was shocked to open this piece and see what I saw. The way you presented imagery amongst imagery. Both the pictures, and the words flowed well together. You went that extra distance to present your work in the true way you envisioned it within yourself. It says a lot about you as a person.

This made me look at haiku's in a different way. I've seen the technique many times where more than one haiku is used to create a longer poem. In this, you presented it where I, as the reader, could continue seeing color even after the color scrolled beyond the page.

Very nicely executed and presented. You have a wonderful sense of soul.

Reviewer: Li Li

Haiku Seasons

The seasons mesh and mingle very beautifully together. I especially like this haiku:

Icicles glistening

Wrapped around in sparkling style

Glimmering daggers

Nice work!

Reviewer: Frances O'Neill

Haiku Seasons

Beautifully written as always. Loved the description of spring. You brought my favorite season to life.

Reviewer Lizanne Green

Haiku Seasons

this is beautiful nancy, you manage to visualize all the seasons together and tell a wonderful poem.

Reviewer: Charlotte Talley

Haiku Seasons

the 4 seasons... how beatiful! this haiku gave me a very clear visual of the scenes in the seasons... splendid!

Reviewer: Beefjerky

Carousel of Life

Broadens the mind and embraces the air. A wonderful write

Reviewer: Lazy Days