Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace


By Connie Arnold

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Connie Arnold

Connie Arnold
Author of Beautiful Moments of Joy & Peace, Abiding Hope & Love, Abundant Comfort and Grace, A Symphony of Seasons, Peaceful Moments of Love and Light inspirational poetry collections, and Animal Sound Mix-up, Count 1,2,3 With Me, Olive and the Great Flood children's books. Connie  More...
Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace by Connie Arnold is exactly what the title says. A collection of fifty-two lyrical poems illustrating the small wonders we can enjoy everyday, if we just stop long enough to appreciate them. Whether her subject matter is the beauty of the seasons, or the wonder of a small child, or God’s love for us, Connie Arnold creates poems that speak truths to the heart and soul. This would be a wonderful book to have on your shelf for those moments when you need a little emotional boost, or when you just need some help finding a speck of calm in the chaos.

Warrior Ministries of Oklahoma

Book Review

“Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace,” by Connie Arnold has to be some of the most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting poetry that I have ever read.  There is a God given message in each of Connie Arnold’s poems, and there is music in poetry as well as beauty and Connie Arnold has so elegantly shared that music and beauty with her readers.  Life is hard and has lots of pain, sadness and frustrations, but “Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace,” will bring you back to the true source of joy and peace, which is our Heavenly Father.  Christian based, Godly poetry is hard to find and that is what sets this book above the rest.  You will want a copy of “Beautiful Moment of Joy and Peace,” for your personal library as you will find yourself reading this book time and time again, be refreshed and finding you way to the beauty that God has created.

 Tom Ward, author