Social Networking for Authors-Untapped Possibilities for Wealth


By Michael Volkin

Publisher : Volkin Associates

ABOUT Michael Volkin

Michael Volkin
Michael Volkin is the author of several successful books in numerous genres. His breakthrough book is entitled The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook, a best-selling book that prepares recruits for military basic training.  Mr. Volkin is a marketing specialist and social networking expert More...



The traditional method of selling books is fading away and the untapped wealth of social networking is growing But many authors don't touch this massive money making niche! Now you can sell more books than you ever thought possible.  The easiest way to becoming a best-selling author is to follow the tips in this easy-to-read and eye-opening book.

     This book will teach you how to:

   - Earn money by selling books through social networking sites (Facebook,   
      MySpace, Twitter , Technorati, Xanga, Squidoo, and dozens more).
   - Create a money making website for your book (without being a tech- guru).
   - Take advantage of free tools for authors that will skyrocket your book sales.
   - Connect with customers to convert one sale into three.
   - And much more...

It's time to turn your book into a residual money making machine. This book pays for itself! By following the lessons learned in this book, you can drastically increase your book sales.
I finished your book Social Networking for Authors-Untapped Possibilities for Wealth and am amazed at all the resources you provided! I never new these tools existed. The fact that these tools exist and that they are free will certainly keep me ahead of the masses. Thank you for sharing this priceless information- I look forward to leveraging it over and over again. Lastly, Thank you for your service to our country. -Pete

Mr. Volkin,

I just finished reading your book. As an author myself getting published has always been a major problem. Your book has opened my eyes as well as opening unique opportunities to market my writings. Thanks you for sharing these "secrets" that I never would have found.

Great Book! It will stay on top of my desk so I can reach for it when I need help.

Again thanks for sharing!!!! -John