Realm Of Hope

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Caitlyn Carrington

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Caitlyn Carrington

caitlyn carrington
Author of Realm Of Hope/Earth Uprising of the Realm Of Hope Chronicles.Poet/Blogger/Lyricist/Music Reporter/ReviewerSci-Fi/Fantasy genre


It is the year 3010. The Earth has been devastated due to a Global Warming and End Of Days.
The Illusionist has gathered 150,000 Survivors and brought them to the Realm Of Hope. He has arranged them by their age, attributes, vices and past. The city is comprised of Levels.

Kidlings are Genetically Engineered and some evil souls have made it through the cracks. The Observer Kera has many special abilities that The Illusionist is taking notice of.

Can you trust your best friend? Can you stop those who resist being taken in as survivors?

Knowledge is Power and Magic Can't Fix Everything