The Alfar's Gift

Young Adult

By Diane Wright

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Diane Wright

Diane Wright
I have a double B.A. in English and Theatre from Southern Utah State College (now University). While I was there I had the priveledge of working with the Utah Shakespearan Festival. I am the mother of six children and 10 grandchildren and am happily married to an Archeologist.



    Fourteen year old Danny arrives at his favorite place to experience a turn of events that will change his life forever. Unaware of what the future will bring, he follows the stronger compulsion, the curiosity of youth. 

       The adventure begins when, at the instruction of the old beaver – the guardian, the homely Alfar leads the lad into his cave and the next dimension.  He receives an unusual weapon. The purpose and intent of the gift; he is unsure of.

      With the companionship of a colorful mountain man and a beautiful, lady, he forges into battle. He meets with the forces and powers of fairies, elves, a leprechaun, and good witches. The youth finds the strength to confront the armies of Ahrim, which includes a gargantua, evil witches, Bhutas, and humanoid lizard beings.   The outcome rests on his ability to call upon the strength that lies within each of us and on that Being who watches over all.