The Compleat Panther Cycles


By William F. DeVault

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ABOUT William F. DeVault

William F. DeVault
Named "Romantic Poet of the Internet" by Yahoo, author of 11 books, has issued six CDs of his recorded readings, performances.  His book "The Compleat Panther Cycles" is considered one of the benchmarks of the digital renaissance.


The nearly 650 piece series of poems that captivated the web as it played out in confessional and intimate tone the love affair between the poet and the artist who came to be known only as "the Panther".  

Written as a series of poetic "cycles", starting in the summer of 1995, for the next 18 months the "Panther Cycles" captivated a growing online audience as the poet recorded his passions and the ebb and flow of the love affair between himself and the artist known to his readers only as "the Panther" as his marriage disintegrated and she eventually deserted him out of guilt and remorse. Based out of the legendary AOL Writers Club, the poet finally committed the full set of the cycles, unedited to retain their emotional integrity, and with annotations, in 2005. Cover artwork and internal art of model and recording artist Jillian Ann. Three forewords, including by "Midnight Muse in a Convenience Store" neo-beat poet and author Daniel S. McTaggert, and back cover notes by erotic poetry queen Mari Laureano ("The Riverman Series" who describes the author as "The Einstein of the Human Heart". Yahoo declared the author or the "Romantic Poet of the Internet" in 1996.