Ronin in the Temple of Aphrodite


By William F. DeVault

Publisher : lulu

ABOUT William F. DeVault

William F. DeVault
Named "Romantic Poet of the Internet" by Yahoo, author of 11 books, has issued six CDs of his recorded readings, performances.  His book "The Compleat Panther Cycles" is considered one of the benchmarks of the digital renaissance.


Nearly seventy works by the Romantic Poet of the Internet, William F. DeVault explores the adrift romantic soul in all of us who are "lost, but resolute".  Poems for the battered but unbroken romantic in all of us.

After his divorce from his second wife, the poet withdrew from "romantic entanglements" to "cleanse the palate". One of the results of this period of celibate introspection was this book, which expresses the awareness of past and future loves and the nature of the romantic ideal itself. The poems themselves run from the spiritual to the erotic, from the exactly craft of the sonnet and villanelle to the flow of versa libre. The cover model is reputed to be "The Faerie", who was one of his totems during this period.