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By Brian Kavanagh

Publisher : BeWrite Books

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Brian Kavanagh
Brian Kavanagh has many years’ experience in the Australian Film
 Industry in areas of production, direction, editing and writing. His
 editing credits include The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith, Odd
 Angry Shot, The Devil's Playground, Long Weekend, Sex Is A
 Four-Le More...


Book One in Belinda Lawrence Amateur Sleuth mystery series.
'this sleepy yet oh so busy country English town! '
'A garden run amok in a small suburban village near the famous city of
Bath , England waits for restoration! Belinda Lawrence hasn't really
known her great-Aunt all that well but is surprised to get an invitation
to discuss something important. Belinda hardly expects to find something
highly suspicious - indeed, an English village murder rivalling the best
of Miss Marple tales. '
  Reviewed by
Viviane Crystal.

Now, here's a simple little who done it mystery, at least I thought so when I first picked up this little story. Now, here a little book with a little romance to add a bit of dash, a bit of sweet and of course a dead body to add a bit of chill, a bit of spice to my day spent in the joy of reading.
I soon found I was very much mistaken.
In fact I was fooled big time, I never saw it coming, I was unexpectedly surprized.
The formula part one, take one busy beautiful woman, Belinda then add a mysterious letter from long time no see Great Aunt Jane with a unexpected invitation to visit, a vacation if you please, and some important news that must be told, a secret, then mix real good. The formula part two, Now add curiosity. Belinda Lawrence quickly schedules a leave from her successful but stressful job and decides a trip to Bath might be restful and informative, two benefits for the price of a train ticket.
Next expected event naturally finds Belinda's expected quiet travel plans unexpectantly interrupted by a bumbling but handsome fellow passenger, Jacob, who is also her coincidentally her new neighbor, but I get ahead of myself, sorry : )
They meet/collide and we get the expected fireworks.
Last, in this mystery/romance formula we need a dead body, got to have a body . . . right: ) Old Great Aunt Jane, is found very dead and now Belinda finds she is unexpectedly a very wealthy woman,with a very old house and a much desired piece of property and family murder to solve.
Simple . . . not : ) I found this simple mystery very mysterious. I was completed fooled, I never fingered the murderer or the mystery. In fact I not sure even after finishing this short book.
I think I will go back and see what I missed . . . the clues, I highly recommend you try to see if you can guess who done it.
I'm willing to bet if you read this book you will be unexpectedly surprised too.
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Brian Kavanagh
BeWrite Books, 2005
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood
Mysteriously summoned by her relative, Belinda finds Great-Aunt Jane's body dead on her own stairs. Too dead – the letter summoning her was mailed days after her aunt died.

Much to her surprise, Belinda inherits the ancient cottage and grounds. Should the city girl move to the village? Belinda rather likes the idea. Then she begins to notice that all of her neighbors seem to have ulterior motives. Her elusive solicitor, her determinedly friendly next door neighbors, a handsome real estate agent, and an alcoholic antique dealer all seem to think there is something valuable in Belinda's new home.

Belinda seems to be alone in her belief that Great-Aunt Jane was murdered, until another murder occurs in the same house. It was obviously meant to be Belinda lying dead there. Knowing the motive doesn't tell her who did the killing – it is a big, juicy motive almost in plain sight, enough to tempt any of her neighbors.

Read CAPABLE OF MURDER when you are in the mood for a village cozy. Relax and enjoy the puzzle. Cozy is definitely the category: you will never be afraid, although Belinda often is. Belinda shivers at harmless atmospherics yet walks casually into the arms of death.

CAPABLE OF MURDER is nicely written and pacey, with the momentum to keep you moving along at a quick clip. You will have your favorite suspects, cheering and sneering as occasion arises. Why does Belinda trust this person? Why does she enter that building alone? Why does she get into a fight at that particular spot? The object of all the fuss is new – I don't think I've ever seen this motive before.

Author Brian Kavanagh's years of creative experience have been in film. CAPABLE OF MURDER begins a successful new venture for him. Belinda returns in the second of the series, THE EMBROIDERED CORPSE.

Aug 2007 Review
Joy Calderwood
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