The Morgantown Suite Poems


By William F. DeVault

Publisher : lulu

ABOUT William F. DeVault

William F. DeVault
Named "Romantic Poet of the Internet" by Yahoo, author of 11 books, has issued six CDs of his recorded readings, performances.  His book "The Compleat Panther Cycles" is considered one of the benchmarks of the digital renaissance.



Over 50 works that stand as the poet's impressions, emotions and memories of Morgantown, West Virginia, where he grew up.  Works include tributes to lost loves, celebrations of childhood and commentary on the good and bad times found in his childhood sphere.

Originally I wrote this as a "thank you" to the amazing people with Arts Monongahela, who had helped sponsor my visits to Morgantown during my 2001 reading tour for "Love Gods of a Forgotten Religion". I spent some quality time wandering the streets, visiting local landmarks, like Morgantown High School and West Virginia University, as well as the house where my first love lived, and the intersection where my brother's fiance died in a horrific car crash. It turned into a very honest, open collection, practically a memoir if you read between the lines.