ReDiscovering Art by Bob Craig

ABOUT Bob Craig

Bob Craig
Author of ReDiscovering


Bob Craig is a Western Canadian artist whose path in the fine arts has led him to a unique expression of mood and color through collage and mixed media. He has explored numerous forms of art and craft: painting in watercolor and oils, sculpture and pottery. After graduating from the University of Alberta Bob had a teaching career in Alberta and British Columbia.

Bob thinks of himself as a craftsman, constructing, or interpreting imagery from his conscious and subconscious mind. His work has appeared in juried exhibits and galleries in Canada (Vancouver and Montreal), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Crete, the United States (New York and Beverly Hills), New Zealand and Switzerland where his exhibition piece. After Treaty Seven, took first prize in the free subject media category at SEETAL 2006.

“I have throughout my adult life occasionally lived in altered perceptual states where reality became magnified and the world was one giant harmonious gestalt. My art is an effort to recapture the vivid nature of these encounters.”

Bob Craig has discovered a new way to teach teachers how to teach children about ReDiscovering Art. Original illustrations by Bob Craig. 140 pages.