Notice for Arrival


By Liz Cosline

Publisher : publishamerica

Notice for Arrival

ABOUT Liz Cosline

Liz Cosline
Life Ownership Coach - certified/Team Enhancer.  In business for over 22 years receiving several awards for team management and enhancement.

Write articles and tips on team building, business, also poetry, and do workshops.

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Acceptance and embracing as an understanding that dreaming gives direction to life.  Third in the trilogy.

The three books were written as it occurred deciding it was better to leave them as they were written. Originally written by hand.

“I again entered the journey of Liz Cosline as she struggles to understand her life she now lives after a life altering near-death experience. In her journey Ms. Cosline explores the new found closeness of her higher power. It is about noticing how the world around us holds the key to faith no matter what higher power you believe in. It is about trusting your feelings no matter how different or hard it may seem. Ms. Cosline delves deeper into her personal experiences and arrives with a peaceful acceptance of where the journey has taken her. This book is a wonderful read and allows the reader to become introspective of his or her own journey towards spiritual understanding, acceptance and inner peace.” —L. E. Ruedemann, DTR, BPS, MS HSA

“The third installment chronicling Liz Cosline’s spiritual journey following her near-death experience provides an opportunity for self-evaluation of your own beliefs and a clearer understanding of God’s presence in your everyday life.” —Mae Murdoch